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  • Hopkins park cyclocross
    05 Oct


    Some quick thoughts on Hopkins Park, with more to follow: Another big, great field out there. This series just continues to get better. Wide open course...
  • funny_sports_cycling_ma201
    01 Oct

    The Pee Break

    It’s pure pleasure to be able to read, formulate, calculate, create and track the numbers generated by the folks that I work with. From casual cyclist...
  • photo (1)
    16 Sep

    Brion Goudreau

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    Congratulations to Brion for a well fought 2nd at the Tyler Texas mountain bike race.  Check out the podium…that’s just another reason why you gotta love the...
  • images[8]
    12 Sep

    Cyclocross – Tempo

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    By now you are most likely in the final throes of your base training phases for the cross season. It is important to have an effort...
  • imagesP78RD0VJ
    09 Sep

    Cyclocross – Pedal Stroke

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    Speed skills, as defined by Joe Friel, are the ability to move quickly and efficiently.  The better you are at turning the pedals over the better...
  • imagesMRGIS1I2
    09 Sep

    Cyclocross – Cadence Drills

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    The Concept   Cadence (RPM’s) has an influence on fatigue, power output and economy on the bike.  There are two ways to make your bicycle go...
  • BR
    08 Sep

    Cyclocross – Aerobic Threshold

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    This is the first of our posts that will focus on helping you maximize your time while training for the cyclocross season.  If you have questions...
  • 20140120_123742
    08 Sep

    Hilde just keeps winning

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    Hilde Hetland has been on fire in the TT’s lately.  2 wins in 11 days and her best average power for the last race at that...
    31 Aug

    2014 Four Month Cyclocross Program

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    Click HERE for your shiny new 4 month cross program for 2014.  Good luck and go fast!  As always feel free to e-mail me with any questions.  ...
  • Maximize!
    07 Aug

    2014 Chicago Cross Cup Trainining Plan is Here!

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    Click here and go fast!: 2014 ChiCrossCup 2013’s plan was created with experience from the first year in the Chicago Cross Cup to date, coaching numerous...

Joe Friel, TrainingBible.com co-founder on ROK Coaching:

“I’ve been working closely with Rob Kelley through TrainingBible Coaching for several years and have found him to be among the most knowledgeable and hard-working cycling coaches I have ever known. I highly recommend him.”


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Nicolai Brochner Nielsen is a pro from Denmark with eyes on a World Championship. Learn about his meteoric rise to cycing’s elite.

You can’t be an attentive parent and dedicated cyclist, right? Wrong. Hilde Hetland figures it out.  With ROK coaching’s help she gets the most from her training and her results show it.

Aric Almirola is a NASCAR driver and one of the fittest people you’ll ever meet. ROK coaching keeps him fast on two wheels so he’s ready on four.

The majority of ROK’s clients won’t win a World Championship, but want to compete at the highest possible level- just like Lino DiSalvo who came to ROK Coaching looking for an upgrade but also managed to  win an Academy Award in his “free time.”