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  • On the Attack
    21 Jul

    Click, Click

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    That’s the sound of the podium counter going up 2 more this week, one for Matt Haiduk and his omnium win on the track and PFK...
  • 010
    15 Jul

    Camp Wicked II

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      We set out for Deer Valley/Park City UT with our most generous host last Tuesday for a camp dedicated to Alec, Chris and Ted.  La Ruta...
  • 20140120_123742
    07 Jul

    Hilde and the National TT

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    Hilde Hetland came through once again on her big day with a 2nd in the Norwegian TT championship!  An unfortunate crash in the women’s road race...
  • Screenshot from 2014-07-06 14:29:32
    06 Jul

    Aric’s huge podium.

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    Last year ROK Coaching had the privilege of starting to work with NASCAR driver Aric Almirola.  What quickly became apparent wasn’t the differences between racing a...
  • tim
    23 Jun

    Tim Gehr strikes again

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    Tim had another great time trial yesterday.  The Paw Paw 40k TT was the Illinois state championship and he came out swinging.  After a little blip...
  • Training Bible athlete Matt Haiduk reaping hay from the LRS workouts
    23 Jun

    Long Road Sprints

    Sprint for Dough. Sprinting is essential to a good result in most road races and criteriums.  Even if it comes down to you against a few...
  • The Spoils
    16 Jun

    Diminishing Returns

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    Big Numbers By Themselves Are Not The Whole Story. Have you ever heard someone say “races are won in the off-season”?  It’s maddening…and true.   How can...
  • 046
    11 Jun

    Camp Wicked

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    My sunrise view this morning prior to flogging ourselves on MTB trails for hours… pic.twitter.com/Wr4svldnq0 — Andy Ording (@AndyOindy) June 6, 2014     Just returned...
  • Brion Goudreau Dallas Racing C Race Win 6-10-2014
    11 Jun

    Brion Goudreau

    More to come from this guy…..’nuff said
  • 1526240_267306500119992_4993292062208969703_n
    03 Jun

    The results keep rollin’

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    Nicolai Brochner won the field sprint in the U23 National Road Race Championship in his home country of Denmark last Sunday for 3rd overall.  As the...

Joe Friel, TrainingBible.com co-founder on ROK Coaching:

“I’ve been working closely with Rob Kelley through TrainingBible Coaching for several years and have found him to be among the most knowledgeable and hard-working cycling coaches I have ever known. I highly recommend him.”


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Nicolai Brochner Nielsen is a pro from Denmark with eyes on a World Championship. Learn about his meteoric rise to cycing’s elite.

You can’t be an attentive parent and dedicated cyclist, right? Wrong. Hilde Hetland figures it out.  With ROK coaching’s help she gets the most from her training and her results show it.

Aric Almirola is a NASCAR driver and one of the fittest people you’ll ever meet. ROK coaching keeps him fast on two wheels so he’s ready on four.

The majority of ROK’s clients won’t win a World Championship, but want to compete at the highest possible level- just like Lino DiSalvo who came to ROK Coaching looking for an upgrade but also managed to  win an Academy Award in his “free time.”