Ashley is new to bike racing.  She’s a former track athlete with a killer instinct and a lot of talent, and it hasn’t taken long to stack up some good results.  We at Bicycle Heaven knew that she’d be getting results after watching her stay with the lead group on our sometimes wicked fast Tuesday night group ride at the beginning of 2012.  I complimented her after one of those rides and she told that the “spin classes she took over the winter had given her some good fitness.”  Wow.

Mara and Ashley on the line

Mara and Ashley on the line


Fast forward to yesterday’s annual Cobb Park Criterium. The race began as a part of a 3-stage race back in the 1980’s and The South Chicago Wheelmen have kept it alive since.  It’s a great community (nice block party in the last corner), beautiful park and a fun course. By the time we arrived at the park Ashley had already won the category 3/4 race.


Mara Baltabols and Ashley lined up for the 1-4 race later the same day.  They are both cat 3’s, but not for long.   Mara went to the front with 2 laps to go and held the pace high for Ashley.  She was able to drive the pace to the finishing straight and Ashley came shooting through for 2nd!  The girls bagged two great results in one day and by the way they looked out there much more to come.


We are proud to Ashley a Training Bible athlete.



Rob Kelley