Peter Kelley is really humble.  He hates the fact that you are reading this.  His nickname in local cycling circles is PFK and, judging by the looks on their faces, the two guys behind him in this picture know what the F stands for.  He is the classic tractor/ rolleur/strong man for the classics and if you come out to Bicycle Heaven’s Tuesday night group ride you’ll know the misery he’s caused.

Peter is new to the sport but that hasn’t prevented him from killing it at the front with various cat 1’s and cat 2’s.  It has caused some frustration though because the learning curve with bike racing can be steep and it’ll drive a guy with that much power crazy.  

Now that Peter has it down people are nervous.  They watched him chase down Rob White and Ryan Freund at the Fall Fling last October and know that he’ll be a guy to contend with.  Cases in point are his cat 4 wins at Elk Grove last year and Leland last weekend.  Leland was a long, windy, snowy and MUDDY hell of a race.  Peter executed his plan of being at the front before the first gravel (MUD) sections very well and wound up in a small group at the front of the race.  He eventually rode them off of his wheel and crushed everyone.  Best part is he finally has his upgrade to a cat 3.  Congratulations Peter!

As has become customary with Bicycle Heaven’s cat 4 team they also nabbed third at Leland with Andy Swims.  Our cat 4 team is pretty steadily becoming a good cat 3 team.

We are proud to call Peter a Training Bible athlete.