Winter Training Program (OCTOBER 18 - DECEMBER 11)
We hold practices on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and some Saturdays in a few different locations, mostly at Charlie Daniels Park. Please note that the winter season requires a bit more flexibility, due to my job responsibilities, so it is likely that practice will be cancelled occasionally. 
Weekday practices will occur at 4:30pm at Charlie Daniels Park
When we hold Saturday practices, they will be in the mornings (between 8-9am typically)


Cost for the Winter Session is $200, which includes our winter shirt. In addition to this cost, parents are

responsible for all race entry costs.

Winter Season consists of running, drills, and strength training. It will look different from summer training in that we will focus more on strength and maintenance, rather than primarily on running--most of our ROKstars have been running consistently since early February (depending on when their school team began), so this is a time to switch it up a bit to work on other parts of the body, before getting back to heavy running loads. We will do some tempo runs, and conditioning runs, but very little max running. The strength interval trainings may get intense at times though. If you are interested in joining our Winter Session, please register below.


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Preferred payment method is Paypal.
We also accept cash and checks.  Make checks payable to Jamie S. Jenkins

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