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Dr. Jamie Jenkins, or Coach Jenkins, as he is more informally known has been motivating people for over 30 years. As a first generation college student, business owner, coach, retired educator, and athlete, his life experiences have taught him the importance of living a life marked by balance and purpose. He would love to speak to your team, youth group, leadership team, or staff.

Sampling of Topics:

Overcoming adversity

Finding your purpose

Coping with loss



Tapping into your Inner Beast

Developing a Mission Statement

Living a balanced life

Being a Christ-centered athlete


              The first 21 years of Coach Jenkins life was spent in the James Cayce Housing Projects in East Nashville.  He is the youngest of four children, from a fatherless home.  Throughout his childhood, he was a witness to the drugs, violence, and poverty that was a part of life in his neighborhood and saw many of his family members and childhood friends destroyed or murdered by these circumstances, but he endured.  

            Shortly before graduating from high school, Coach Jenkins enlisted in the United States Army Reserves.  He completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in History at Middle Tennessee State University in 1998, making him the first person in his family to receive an education beyond a high school diploma.  He went on to earn his Master of Education degree from MTSU in 2000, and his specialist degree in 2001.  He completed his Doctor of Education degree at Tennessee State University in 2004.  

            Coach Jenkins was as an educator in the Metropolitan Nashville Public School District from 1998, until his retirement in 2022.  He served in various capacities as a teacher, coach, and administrator.  Coach Jenkins is dedicated to ensuring the success of all young people, and he is mindful of the importance of giving back to the community.  He has served on the Board of Directors of the Martha O’Bryan Center and Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Nashville. He is also passionate about the mental and physical health of the community. Furthermore, through various other organizations, he has been able to mentor and speak about such topics as overcoming odds, mental health, self-motivation, and becoming successful.  

            Since retirement, Coach Jenkins has expanded his focus and his passion for community health and wellness through his involvement with organizations that focus on mental and physical health, as well as trauma-informed practices. Over the past several years, he has served as a volunteer for organizations such as the Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network (TSPN), and raised over $10,000 for organizations such as TSPN, the Jason Foundation, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, and the American Heart Association. Dr. Jenkins is passionate about health and total wellness in our community.

            Coach Jenkins has a motto by which he conducts his day: “Always reach for success, but never forget to reach one hand out behind to help pull others along.” In his spare time, Coach Jenkins enjoys competitive running and competing in road, trail, and OCR races. His other passions are music, reading, and writing. He and his wife, Dr. Makeya Jenkins have four amazing children: Jalyn, Alena, Alexander, and Elias. Coach Jenkins is an ambitious, energetic, confident, and caring humanitarian who believes that everyone can succeed with the right conditions and the right people in their corner. He is a testament to that! 


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