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  • Jamie Jenkins

Why ROK Running?

In 2012, I became an Assistant Principal which caused me to have to give up a successful coaching career at Antioch High School, where we were able to create a very successful track and cross country program. Over my years at AHS, we accomplished the first men's XC team to qualify for the state meet in over 10 years. We also accomplished the first ever girl XC state qualifiers in the school's history--we had two girls qualify for state. We also won a number of individual and relay state championships, and set many school records that still stand.

Around the time I became an administrator, my oldest daughter started middle school. I had known for many years that she was going to be a very good runner, but she wasn't really interested at the time. Then, shortly after basketball season her 6th grade year, she decided she'd give track a try in the Spring. Hearing that, I decided to assist with the team. She and the other athletes on the team showed so much promise, and had a good season. The next XC season, the boys team won the XC state championship and Jalyn finished 34th at the state meet. The teams were very talented. I was confident that with additional training, they could continue to thrive, and with no summer programs in the area, I decided to start ROK Running in the Summer of 2015. During our first Summer Track season (and every season since), we have had several athletes qualify for the Junior Olympics. The impact was immediate. The middle school teams continued to thrive, Jalyn won the state XC Championship, and the girl's track team won the state Track and Field Team Title, along with several individual titles.

The name ROK Running means Represent Our King. I chose this name to honor my passions--living a faith-based life of following Jesus, and Running. Further, my goal was to help athletes not only reach their athletic goals, but to teach them that sports does not disqualify you from living a life that honors God. Finally, sports are so synonymous with life, so it is important that athlete's understand that they can overcome obstacles, surpass their own beliefs about themselves, and realize their potential.

Since it's inception, ROK Running has trained over 100 athletes, and I pray that the impact has been as positive for the athletes that I have trained as it has been for me. I consider it a great honor to train athletes. I find it equally inspiring to see the hard work that they display on a regular basis. ROK Running has a bright future and as we continue to grow, we will continue to develop athletes into amazing people.

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