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Personal Training 

Together Let's Achieve Your Running Goals

In-Person Training

Jamie will work with you individually or in a small group setting, in order to provide you with the individualized assistance you need. Workouts will be catered to your specific goal, so whether you are just starting out, desire to improve your efficiency, or training for another sport, these sessions will help you reach your goal. 



Perfect for:

  • Runners and Non-runners

  • Total Body Fitness 

  • Beginning or seasoned runners

  • Improve running for other sports

  • Improve running efficiency

  • Meeting goal times


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Online Training

Jamie will guide you on a journey to improve your running and meet your performance goals by curating a plan especially for you. Plans are developed with your schedule and needs as the cornerstone of your playbook and emailed to you each week. In addition, we will check in frequently to monitor, discuss and modify training needs. 


Perfect for:

  • Runners and Non-runners

  • Beginning or seasoned runners

  • Couch to 5K

  • Half-Marathon Training

  • Marathon Training


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per month

  • 4 Weeks of personalized running plans

  • Bi-Weekly Check-in

  • Virtual progress meetings

  • In-person options also available


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Email Coach Jenkins at to find out about our daily ($40) or weekly ($75) drop-in program. Join in one or more of our sessions with a little pre-planning. This is a perfect add-on for those doing the monthly personalized plan.

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