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Jamie is a passionate Certified Life Coach, Certified Fitness Coach, Certified Track and Field Coach, and veteran educational leader who has spent over 20 years in the field. He would love to partner with you to create a plan to reach your full potential by leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


Jamie came from humble beginnings.  He was the youngest of four children, from a fatherless home, in inner-city East Nashville.  During his childhood, he was witness to the drugs, violence, gangs, and prostitution that plagued his neighborhood, but he always had dreams and aspirations of living a successful life. 


Shortly before graduating from high school, Jamie enlisted in the United States Army Reserves.  As a first generation college student, he attended Middle Tennessee State University where he completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in History. But he didn't stop there! He went on to earn a Master of Education degree, an Education Specialist degree, and in 2004 earned his Doctor of Education degree from Tennessee State University. 

Jamie has been an educator since 1998.  He has 8 years of teaching experience, and over 15 years of administrative experience, including 6 years as an executive principal. He has also served on the Board of Directors of several non-profits. Over the years, he has mentored young people with a range of career interests, aspiring educational leaders, and seasoned professionals.

Education is not Jamie's only passion. He has been a successful track and field coach for over 20 years. He has worked with athletes of all ages, to develop both their physical and mental skills. In 2015, he founded ROK Running, a Christian-based, youth running program. He is also passionate about spending time with his family, reading, and traveling. He enjoys running, and competing in road, trail, obstacle course races.

Jamie and his wife own a successful dental practice (Mission Dental TN) and have two amazing sons. Jamie also has two wonderful daughters. He defines a successful life as one marked by balance, passion, and purpose. Starting where you are, let him work with you to realize the balance in your life. 


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