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About Jamie


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I am a passionate Certified Life Coach, Fitness Coach, Track and Field Coach, and Running Coach. I would love to partner with you to create a plan to reach your full potential by leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


I attended Middle Tennessee State University, where I completed my Bachelor of Arts degree in History. I continued to challenge myself by earning a Master of Education degree and an Education Specialist degree. In 2004, at the age of 30, I earned my Doctor of Education degree from Tennessee State University. 

I began teaching and athletic coaching after completing my undergraduate studies. I spent 8 years as a high school teacher, 16 years as a school administrator, and over 20 years as an athletic coachI have also served on the Board of Directors of several non-profits and social organizations. Over the years, I have mentored people with a range of career interests, aspiring educational leaders, and seasoned professionals.

My first love has always been running--it has been one of the vehicles that provide balance in my life. As a kid, I loved to run and watch running events on TV. I remember being blown away at watching athletes like FloJo and Carl Lewis compete. I competed in Track and Cross Country in Middle and High School. Naturally, when I became a teacher, I began coaching Track, and later XC. My love for running and coaching has carried on into my adult life. I have been a successful coach for over 25 years now. I have trained athletes of all ages, to develop both their physical and mental skills. In 2015, I founded ROK Running, a Christian-based, youth running program. In 2020, ROK Fitness was established, which offers fitness training for all ages, as well as life coaching. I still run and compete! I have competed in Obstacle Course Races, Trail Races, and Road Races of varying distances. One of my current goals is to complete the Six World Major Marathons.

My wife and I have two amazing sons, and I also have two wonderful daughters. I have long realized the successes of my life, how I got here, and how to help others achieve the goals they see for themselves. I believe we all have the opportunity to live a life marked by good health, balance, passion, and purpose. Starting where you are, let's work together to realize the awesome in your life. 



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