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About Jamie


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I am a passionate Certified Life Coach, Certified Fitness Coach, Certified Track and Field Coach, veteran educational leader, and Follower of Jesus. I would love to partner with you to create a plan to reach your full potential by leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


My life has been amazing! I have taken bumps and bruises, and learned so many lessons, from so many experiences and people. My story began as the youngest of four children, from a fatherless home, in inner-city East Nashville.  I was quickly exposed to the obstacles that present themselves in impoverished communities--drugs, violence, gangs, etc. I was one of the lucky ones though! My mother protected me by keeping me engaged in school, sports, and camps. As a result, I was able to navigate the challenges and pitfalls present on the blocks from South 5th to South 8th Street. Also, from a young age, my mother had the wherewithal to find successful mentors, who would pour a wealth of knowledge and motivation into my little heart and spirit, on top of the love and protection that she provided. I didn't always rise to the occasion! I was held back in the 6th grade after failing several classes, which was just the eye-opener I needed to light a fire in my life that has yet to be extinguished. That second year of 6th grade showed me that my destiny was in my hands, and that it would be up to me to chart a course that would lead to success, or chart a course that would lead to nowhere. It was at that point I began to recognize the urgency of getting a quality education and establishing a fruitful existence.  In fact, in that one year, I went from being a failing student to a student who would enter the 7th grade in the Honors Program.


As a first generation college student, I attended Middle Tennessee State University, where I completed my Bachelor of Arts degree in History. But I desired more. I wanted to prove to myself and establish for my family that we could achieve unlimited ceilings. I continued to challenge those perceived ceilings by earning a Master of Education degree and an Education Specialist degree. In 2004, at the age of 30, I earned my Doctor of Education degree from Tennessee State University. 

I began teaching and athletic coaching after completing by undergraduate studies. I spent 8 years as a classroom teacher, 16 years as a school administrator, and over 20 years of coaching Track and Cross CountryI have also served on the Board of Directors of several non-profits. Over the years, I have mentored people with a range of career interests, aspiring educational leaders, and seasoned professionals.


In 2012, my life was forever changed when I lost my older brother and my brother-in-law to suicide in totally unrelated events. These events, and experiencing similar incidences among students as an educatior, caused me to recognize more directly the importance of finding the wealth of worth and purpose in our lives. They caused me to value total health more intentionally, and further stoked the fire in me for helping others through life and fitness coaching. I retired from education in 2022 to focus more heavily on those other passions--family, fitness, and life coaching. I have since volunteered my time and talents to organizations that focus on mental and physical health, including The Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network, The Jason Foundation, and others.

My first love has always been running--it has long been one of the vehicles that provide balance to my life. As a kid, I loved to run and watch running events on TV. I competed in Track and Cross Country in Middle and High School. Naturally, when I became a teacher, I began coaching Track, and later XC. I have continued to love running and coaching. I have been a successful running coach for over 25 years now. I have trained athletes of all ages, to develop both their physical and mental skills. In 2015, I founded ROK Running, a Christian-based, youth running program. In 2020, ROK Fitness began, which includes fitness training for all ages, as well as life coaching. I still run and compete! You will often find me competing in obstacle course races, road races, and trail races.  

In summer of 2022, after being fortunate to live a life free of health issues, I was diagnosed with diabetes. Rather than being crushed by the weight of this news, I began researching and making the necessary changes in my life to effectively manage the disease. As a result, I am feeling healthier, running faster, and eating healthier than I ever have. Diabetes has taught me that God has an amazing way of tweaking our lives for His good.

My wife and I have two amazing sons, and I also have two wonderful daughters. I have long realized the successes of my life, how I got here, and how to help others achieve the goals they see for themselves. I believe we all have the opportunity to live a life marked with balance, passion, and purpose. Starting where you are, let's work together to realize the balance in your life. 


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